By Ben Van Dyke

A comprehensive, thorough, and exhaustive reference manual exposing the errors of the present organized religious system in light of the scriptures; over 1,000 pages of research; five books in one. Studies include: Origin of scripture, identity of true Israel, Noah’s flood, the seduction of Eve, who is the serpent? Cain and Abel, the name of the Almighty, symbols of Christianity, pagan origins of Christianity, satanic worship in the Christian church, holidays and the sabbath; deadly word games: terms misused unknowingly by Christians, prophecies from the books of Daniel and Revelation, and much more.
Delux-style edition: nylon-reinforced, acid-free paper in dublock D-ring binder-



"Freemen: Armageddon's Prophets of Hate and Terror"

A lecture from the Prosecuting Attorney’s Office of Kitsap County, Washington, presented June 25, 1999, that reveals the governments’ definition, identification, and countermanding of those deemed as a threat to the security of the United States. The list of dangerous persons includes: Christian Fundamentalists, patriots, tax protestors, Constitutionalists, Pro-Life advocates, members of the John Birch Society, Anti-Gay fanatics, survivalists, Christian Identity Believers, Militia groups, etc. This manual, obtained undercover from the ranks of government officials, identifies what it terms subversives and outlines the government’s plan for silencing them. Approx. 300 pages. $50.00


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